About Valley Oaks

Valley Oaks Angus has been breeding Angus cattle for 25 years in Oak Grove, MO. Our goal has been focusing on functional cattle for both the registered and commercial cattle producer. We have strived to produce females with proven performance behind them by utilizing predictable sires that combine balanced EPD values with excellent phenotypes.

Valley Oaks was founded by David and Sandra Ward in 1992 with the purchase of the Brady Land and Cattle herd from Knob Noster, Missouri. The Valley Oaks herd grew rapidly from 1993-95, held its first annual production sale in 1993, and the 5 following years. Valley Oaks had very notable staff through the early years with Bill Conley and Dallas Wolthemathe as Farm Managers and Jarrod Gillig (former NJAA president) as herdsman/show cattle manager. After many successful years of production sales and show seasons through the mid 90’s and early 2000’s, Valley Oaks decreased their herd size to a more manageable number once all of the children were in college. Now that the children (Tony, Clayton, and Cassie and their families) have all returned to the area, the farm and family is growing and aggressively breeding Angus cattle with performance, phenotype, and the commercial breeder all in mind.

Valley Oaks Angus Headquarters
The Valley Oaks Angus Headquarters lays on 700 acres between the towns of Grain Valley and Oak Grove Missouri. The Headquarters is home to over 150 registered cattle as well as the Valley Oaks show cattle. Our headquarters breeds approximately 150 head per year calving out half in the spring and half in the fall. We breed with industry leading bulls using artificial insemination along with embryo transfer. This helps to ensure we get the quality genetics that we strive to achieve. Valley Oaks Angus produces bulls that are DNA tested and sold annually helping to give our customers the chance to participate in our Buy Back Program.

Valley Oaks South Farm
Our South Farm is located right outside of Clinton, Missouri and was purchased in early 2016 making it the newest addition to the Valley Oaks Angus farm. The South Farm is composed of 2,530 acres and houses approximately 900 commercial cattle. Using artificial insemination, we strive to produce quality commercial cattle with great genetics. At the South Farm, Valley Oaks calves out approximately 70% of our mother cows in the spring. With the number of cattle at the South Farm, electronic identification systems (EID) have been crucial. Our South Farm uses EID systems to track all of our cattle ensuring that we have an efficient operation.

Justin Patrick (formerly of Wright Charolais) is the manager of the Valley Oaks South Farm. After growing up in Warrensburg, MO, Justin began his career in the cattle industry freelancing all over the United States working with multiple cattle breeds. After nine years of freelancing Justin became the Show and Sale Cattle Manager at Wright Charolais. While at Wright Charolais Justin had numerous champions at the national level including winning Charolais Pen of Three Bulls at the Denver Stock Show 4 years in a row. He also had the First Charolais calf to be named National Show Female of the Year. In 2015 Justin was the National Charolais Herdsmen of the year. Valley Oaks is excited to have Justin at our South Farm and we are eager to see the advancements he is going to bring to our program!

Valley Oaks Feedlot
Approximately 20 minutes south of our headquarters you can find the Valley Oaks Feedlot. Our Feedlot is housed in Lone Jack, Missouri and has the ability to hold 600 steers. The Valley Oaks Feedlot is state of the art giving us the opportunity to house all of our steers under one roof. With the help of engineering and big fans, our cattle are continuously at a comfortable temperature. The design of our building allows our cattle to live in a stress-free environment and have a comfortable lifestyle. This helps us to produce high quality beef. We guarantee all cattle that come out of the Valley Oaks Feedlot to have no added hormones. The cattle at our feedlot are used to supply Valley Oaks Steak Company.

The Valley Oaks Feedlot is Managed by Jeff Gooden (formally of Circle A Ranch in Missouri). Jeff has worked in the cattle industry for over 30 years and has brought an abundance of knowledge to Valley Oaks. Previously to Valley Oaks, Jeff was heavily involved in bull development, herd management, registered genetics, and show cattle. Jeff is now combining all of his skills to efficiently run our feedlot while producing locally raised beef with no added hormones. He also assists with our Valley Oaks Angus Buy Back Program and the Valley Oaks Steak Company Processing Center. We are very thankful to have Jeff as a part of our team and we look forward to seeing the continued success he brings to our program.