Feeder Calf Buy Back Program

What is the Buy Back Program?
The Valley Oaks Angus Calf Buy Back Program is designed to offer bull buyers a sales outlet for their calves. This program allows producers to save on shrinkage, commission, yardage and marketing.

1. Calves MUST be guaranteed to be out of Valley Oaks Angus Bulls.
2. Calves must weigh a minimum of 600 lbs. and be a maximum age of 11 months.
3. Calves must be weaned a minimum of 30 days prior to delivery.
4. Calves must be regularly vaccinated and have birth records.
5. Calves must be Free of all Growth Hormones.

The Process:
When a producer has calves available, they can reach out to the Valley Oaks Angus team and set up a time for a VOA representative to come and physically inspect the calves. Once inspected and approved for the VOA Calf Buy Back Program, a price will be determined based on current market prices. After being approved, calves will need to be delivered to the Valley Oaks feedlot in Lone Jack, MO. Delivery will be at the seller’s sole cost. If the seller is unable to deliver VOA can assist in the delivery to the Valley Oaks feedlot. Weights and prices will be finalized upon delivery. Valley Oaks will maintain the right to DNA test any calf to confirm Valley Oaks are present as well as ensuring the animal is guaranteed free of growth hormones.

Calves sired by Valley Oaks Angus bull, that qualify for the VOA Buy Back Program, will be eligible for top of the market pricing. Valley Oaks will guarantee a $.05 premium on calves sired by bulls that sold for $4,500 or greater. If multiple bulls were purchased the average cost must equal $4,500 to qualify for the premium. All Bull buyers of Valley Oaks Angus Bulls prior to 9/1/17 are grandfathered into the Valley Oaks Angus Calf Buy Back Program.

1. All requirements must be met for calves to be considered for the Buy Back Program.
2. Valley Oaks Angus bulls are nontransferable. Only the original bull buyer will qualify for the Buy Back Program.
3. No calves sired by a Valley Oaks bull over the age of 6 years will qualify for the Buy Back Program.
4. All eligible calves must be sired from first generation Valley Oaks Angus.
5. Bulls must be purchased at a Pre-Qualified Valley Oaks sale to qualify for the Buy Back Program.
6. Purchase Price must exceed a minimum of $4500 for bull to be enrolled in Buy Back Program.

Valley Oaks Angus is very excited to being offering a Calf Buy Back Program to producers! Valley Oaks Angus offer superior genetics and carcass value that produce superior calf crops for producers! For more information or if you have calves available for sale please contact Jeff Gooden, Valley Oaks Operations Manager, at 573-280-2351 or jeff@valleyoaksangus.com.